Browning 325: A custom sporting clays model shotgun

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The question of who invented the over-and-under shotgun will be argued until Doomsday, but the parentage of Browning 325 is firmly established; it is one of the perfect firearms in a long line of similar guns stemming from the one designed by John M. Browning in the early 1920s and, in one variation or another, made by Browning ever since.


The Browning 325 Custom is a well-built and well-finished gun, equally suited to trap or field use. The stock has a full pistol grip and “Schnabel” fore-end (with a bit of lip that positions the hand and prevents it from slipping forward). There is a safety catch on the top strap, which acts as a barrel selector for the single-trigger mechanism, which utilizes recoil to re-set after the first shot.

Browning 325 Custom 12 gauge sporting shotgun
Browning 325 Custom (Photo: Miroku Firearms)

The gun balances well, the center of balance being approximately in the hinge pin, making it quick to point and easily handled. The barrels are surmounted by a wide rib with a shallow center channel, giving an excellent visual aid to aiming. As is usual with Browning products, the rich blue finish is immaculate. The chambers are for 2.25 inches cartridges, and the shot pattern is eve and well-distributed.

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Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Miroku Firearms Co., Kochi, Japan
Type: double-barreled, superposed
Gauge: 12
Barrel: 30 in (762 mm)
Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.40 kg)
Magazine capacity: two rounds
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