Piotti Sidelock: A fine 12-bore sidelock ejector shotgun

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Piotti Sidelock Shotgun

The Piotti Sidelock shotgun is a well-designed and quality gun. Good pitch and cast make this a very shootable gun. It is suitable for steel shots too.

The Piotti company is an old-established family firm with a reputation for producing high-quality sporting guns at a reasonable price. Their quality is attested to because they are generally imported into other countries by top-class gunmakers rather than import-export companies.

As might be expected, the quality of fit and finish of Piotti guns is excellent. The blue is deep and lustrous, the wood fine-grained, well-figured, and finished, and the fit of every part is perfect. The engraving is exceptional and covers the side plates, bottom, trigger-guard, breeches, top strap, and backstrap with ornate and tasteful designs.

The barrels are built independently, the tubes and breech lump being of the same piece of metal, and are then brazed together. There is a central rib, and the barrels are choked improved and half-choke.

The action is sidelock, with double triggers and the side plates being silver polished, though case-hardened color players are an available option. The second trigger breaks at a slightly higher pressure than the first, though both are very smooth and with a well-defined let-off point. For those who prefer it, a single trigger is an option.

The stock may be of the straight hand-grip type or pistol grip. The wood is of high quality and the finish excellent, with firm and clean checkering. As might be expected, the gun handles and shoots exceptionally well.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer:Piotti Armi, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
Type:Double-barreled, side-by-side
Barrels:28in (710mm)
Weight:6.6lbs (2.99kg)

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