Green Berets ambushed in Afghanistan, multiple casualties reported

by Eric Sof

Green berets conduct training at shooting range

A Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) was ambushed in Afghanistan while conducting a Key Leader Engagement (KLE) in Sherzad, Afghanistan. Multiple casualties were reported. According to the SOFREP, a Green Beret team belongs to the 7th Special Forces Group.

Green-on-blue incident

It appears that at least two American SF operators have been killed and several wounded — unconfirmed reports put the number to four Wounded in Action (WIA). Emerging reports indicate that the Green Berets were ambushed by its partner Afghan National Army (ANA) force (a Green-on-Blue incident).

KLEs are sit down meetings, often with village elders, and while they are not combating operations in of themselves, they can still be dangerous due to taking place in a semi-permissive environment like Afghanistan. The team from the 7th Special Forces Group was an Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) partnered with Afghan Special Operations soldiers. So far, the incident is being categorized as green on blue, meaning that nominally allied Afghan National Army soldiers attacked the ODA and their partner force. At this time two Americans are reported as killed in action and eight Afghan commandos are also reported killed in action.

The high number of casualties

Additionally, at least six more American Special Forces soldiers were also wounded. The high number of casualties (17 as of this reporting) is attributed to the ODA/Afghan combined force coming under fire from a DShK, a Russian designed heavy machine gun that fires a 12.7mm bullet. The wounded have been evacuated to the appropriate field hospitals and their condition is not disclosed.

The Associated Press reported: “U.S. military spokesman Col. Sonny Leggett said in a statement that both Afghan and U.S. personnel were ’engaged by direct firing.” ‘We are assessing the situation,’ Leggett said, without saying whether there were any casualties.”

This is a developing story and more details to follow.

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