How the Delta Force operator set up his Glock 17?

Delta Force / CAG operator on its motorbike
Delta Force Operator (Photo: Illustration)

The pistol loadout was always a good topic to write about. There are a lot of theories on how to properly set up your pistol and there is an interesting set up of the former Delta Force operative who described it in an article published at Loadoutroom.

Down below read the full loadout of the former Delta Force operative:

My Glock 17 is thirty years old now. It is the first and last pistol I ever bought. I retained it primarily for personal home defense, as I was up to my neck in pistols at work. When I retired from Delta, I decided to apply the essential modifications to my Glock as I had come to understand them in the Army. Short of lasers and LED floodlights and other whizz-bang devices, these are the mods to my firearm:

  1. Flared magazine well; this allows for seating magazines that are sloppily introduced in haste into the well.
  2. Trouser clip holds the weapon secure to the trousers for appendix carry and others; a mod that I consider to be the lowest profile “holster” possible.
  3. Raised slide stop facilitates the release of the slide for fast reloads while wearing contact gloves.
  4. A raised magazine release facilitates the release of the slide for fast reloads while wearing contact gloves.

These are the essential modifications I adapted from my experience with combat shooting and concealed carry, and recommend prior to that addition of expensive target acquisition and fire control gadgetry… lasers, scopes, plasma generators, coffee maker… etc.

Of course, the loadout and customization of your personal weapon should be also a personal thing. Everyone should customize it on its own to fit its needs. However, for most police and soldiers, weapon retention is the primary consideration. So, it’s important to choose the right holster for your loadout.

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