Adam Brown: The life and legacy of fearless Navy SEAL

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The life story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown is the most inspiring story you will ever hear. Fearless is a fitting name for his story – there was nothing in life that Adam Brown couldn’t overcome to shape his destiny. His legacy is of patriotism, redemption, family, selfless love, and faith in God.


Adam Brown made his way to the Navy SEAL Team Six, but it was not easy or usual. He did something that nobody before or after him did. He went on a journey from the very bottom to the top, from a drug-addicted felon to a devout Christian and American hero. If there’s ever been a story of redemption through continued hard work and perseverance, it belongs to Adam Brown. Brown, who served on the elite SEAL Team Six, was survived by his wife, Kelley, their two children, and his parents.

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Early life

The story of Adam Lee Brown starts on February 5, 1974, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He grew up in a working-class family where good behavior and hard work were mandatory. Typical all-American boy with born-courage and sense for competition led him to through his childhood. Adam was fearless despite being very small, sometimes described as “not much bigger than a number two pencil,” Adam was fearless. He even earned the nickname “Psycho” for taking on the biggest players on his fifth-and-sixth-grade football team.

Adam didn’t just use his uncommon courage on the football field. Below is an excerpt symbolic of his character from Eric Blehm’s biography of Adam, “Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown“:

[When he was in eighth grade,] Adam was hanging out with friends in front of the school one morning when a school bus pulled up and students poured out. Most of the kids headed to the front doors, but three boys stopped Richie Holden, who had Down syndrome, and taunted him by calling him names. Smaller than any of the bullies, Adam nevertheless marched over and stood in front of Richie. “If you want to pick on someone,” he said, “you can pick on me — if you think you’re big enough.”

“The three backed off,” Richie’s father Dick Holden, says. … “Adam put his arm around Richie and walked with him through the door, then all the way to his class. Richie never forgot that, and I remember thinking, ‘That Brown boy — he’s something special.’”


Only ten years later, Adam Brown was a completely different person. His promising future has faded away. He left his old friends and stopped showing up on time for work. His only occupation was to steal from his friends and family to buy drugs and spend his days loaded in crack houses. On New Year’s Eve, Adam Brown, high on crack, inflicted multiple injuries to himself with a knife, mainly in the neck. Police patrol responding to the scene found him lying in a pool of his blood. At that time, he had outstanding warrants. Adam faced 11 felonies, massive jail time, and a family fed up with his addictive behavior.

This was the time when Adam Brown saw no way out. He hit rock bottom, and the judge gave him a simple choice, rehab or jail. It was the first step in his life-changing story, but it was far away from redemption. Adam found God, accepted Jesus, and became a Christian as he began turning his life around.

Adam Brown and his family shortly before his last deployment
Adam Brown and Family, shortly before his last deployment to Afghanistan. (Photo: WeAreTheMighty)

Three weeks out of rehab, Adam met his future wife, Kelley Tippy, “a tall brunette with a girl-next-door face” who had a conversion story of her own and was also a Christian. The two fell deeply in love. Early in their relationship, however, Adam began relapsing into his addiction. He would disappear for hours and even days, forcing Kelley to chase after him and even search in dangerous local crack houses.

“How can I do this?” Kelley cried after his fourth relapse. “How can I stay with you?”

Despite everything, though, Kelley stuck by Adam because she loved him, and God told her not to leave. “My heart says stay and see this through,” she said after an ashamed Adam Brown, who had just experienced another relapse, told her, “I’m not good for you.”

While Kelley was patient and empathetic toward Adam, she would not live with his addiction forever. Adam did not want to lose Kelley, and his love for her inspired him to be better, to fight his addiction with everything he had.

Life change

After more rehab tryouts and so many fallouts, Adam realized that he needed a life change. He decided to join the Navy with the hopes of becoming a Navy SEAL, the real-life heroes that Adam was first introduced to as a teen when he saw the action-packed 1990 film “Navy SEALs.”

The process to join the SEALS and become one of America’s most elite special operators is no easy feat. After basic training, Adam was sent off to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S), arguably the most grueling military training in the world.

Not only is the success rate only 20 percent, but because of Adam’s past addiction, if he were to make a single drug infraction, he would be kicked out of the Navy and potentially locked away in military prison. The stakes were high, but Adam had Kelley, who had agreed to marry him by his side. He also had faith, which he called “his ace in the hole.” Adam passed BUD/S, became a new father to his son Nathan, and was assigned to SEAL Team Four.

Injuries throughout his career

Adam Brown sustained many injuries throughout his career, including losing his dominant right eye after being shot with a sim round during a training accident. Not only did Adam refuse to be medically discharged from the military, but he learned to shoot with his left eye and passed SEAL sniper school.

During a 2005 deployment in Afghanistan, Adam was caught in a convoy accident that crushed his right hand. His “fingers were dangling by skin and tendons, every digit but the thumb severed,” Blehm wrote.

When you can't shoot with your dominant hand, just use the other hand - Adam Lee Brown, fearless Navy SEAL operator
When you can’t shoot with your dominant hand, use the other hand – Adam Lee Brown, fearless Navy SEAL operator (Photo: WeAreMighty)

Adam did the unimaginable without his dominant hand and dominant eye: He decided to join SEAL Team Six, also known as the Development Group or just DEVGRU. It is one of the United States military’s primary Tier 1 special mission units. Never letting his injuries stop him, Adam Brown learned to work with his left hand and became the first SEAL in history to be a member of SEAL Team Six with one eye.

As a DEVGRU operator, Adam Brown was deployed to Afghanistan’s Kunar Valley and many cities and villages across Iraq. He fought terrorism on the first line by doing his duty, going on nightly raids, and chasing HVTs and IED bomb-makers.

Example of Fearlessness

Adam Brown’s last deployment was in March of 2010. He and his fellow operators were tasked with a kill or capture mission. Target was a Taliban leader credited with the deaths of many allied forces soldiers. At the time, it was believed that there was a plot to attack a U.S. Army battalion.

During their mission in a Taliban stronghold located in the mountains of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush, Adam Brown and his teammates came under heavy enemy fire. Adam was hit in both legs. Once he was down, more enemy bullets rained down on him. He was taken out of the line of fire by his teammates, but he tragically died later that day at the base.

“I’m not afraid of anything that might happen to me on this Earth because I know no matter what, nothing can take my spirit from me,” Adam wrote in a letter to his children on a previous deployment. “No matter what, my spirit is given to the Lord and I will finally be victorious.”

As heartbreaking as his story is, Adam’s life should serve as inspiration for all of us. He embodies American heroism — a man who gave everything to fight for his soul, marriage, children, and country. While today’s Afghanistan disaster is an insult to the ultimate sacrifice of Adam and many others who came before and after him, we cannot lose hope.

Navy SEAL Adam Brown personally went out of his way to hand out shoes and socks to Afghan kids in need.
Navy SEAL Adam Brown personally went out of his way to hand out shoes and socks to Afghan kids in need. (Photo:
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