Nikko Model 7000 Golden Eagle

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Although ostensibly manufactured in Japan, Nikko Model 7000 is something of an international weapon; the action is made in Japan, the barrel in Belgium, and the wood for the stocks from the United States. The whole design is very much tailored for the American market.


The action is a five-lug bolt having an opening area of 60 degrees, the lugs being at the bolt’s rear end. The bolt body is nicely engine-turned, the face is counterbored, and the firing pin cocks on opening. There is a sliding safety catch alongside the bolt’s rear, which locks the trigger but leaves the bolt free to be operated.

Nikko Model 7000 Golden Eagle is designed and produced in Japan
Nikko Model 7000 Golden Eagle is designed and produced in Japan. (Photo: XY)

The stock is quite heavy and amply-proportioned; there is a high Monte Carlo comb and cheekpiece, and the finish is good if glossy. The interior fit and finish are not so good.

The magazine has a spring-loaded floor plate and a release catch at the front of the trigger guard. Sights are provided only on two calibers, .375 and .458; all others are without sights and are drilled and tapped for telescope mounts. Calibers available run from .22-250 to .458 Winchester Magnum and include all the commercial standards currently available.

Nikko Model 7000 Bolt Action with mounted scope
Nikko Model 7000 Bolt Action with mounted scope (Photo: XY)

I have been unable to fire this rifle, and reports from the other sources are mixed; the general opinion seems to be that as it comes, the barrel is not always well-bedded, giving rise to inconsistent shooting, but that with a little adjustment, this can be overcome, resulting in an excellent hunting rifle at a reasonable price.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Nikko Firearms Co., Tochigi, Japan
Type: bolt-action, center-fire, magazine
Caliber: various
Barrel: 24 in (610 mm) or 26 in (660 mm)
Weight (empty): 8.5 lbs (3.86 kg) with 24 in barrel
Magazine capacity: 3 (Magnum) or 5 (regular) rounds
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