Albanian RENEA Chooses EnGarde Body Armor

For the third time, Albania has chosen EnGarde to supply RENEA, their elite anti-terrorist team, with advanced tactical gear, including EnGarde Body Armor.

The Department of Neutralization of Armed Elements, commonly known as RENEA, is the primary Albanian counter-terrorist and critical incident response unit. Formed in the 1990s in response to rising crime levels after the fall of communism, RENEA’s primary responsibilities are armed rescue, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and violent crime response.

“We are proud that a renowned tactical unit such as RENEA selected our body armor,” says EnGarde’s Marketing Director, Iwan Luiten. “Units like RENEA frequently put themselves on the line defending the rights of others, and we are very honored to keep the members of this unit safe with our tactical gear.”

EnGarde Body Armor is now used by RENEA, an elite counter-terrorism unit from Albania
EnGarde Body Armor is now used by RENEA, an elite counter-terrorism unit from Albania (Photo: RENEA)

More tactical teams around the globe are looking to EnGarde to supply their critical threat teams with body armor and ballistic protection. Our products are engineered for comfort, maneuverability, and extended daily wear in a rapidly evolving threat environment. Criminals and terrorists today are carrying large caliber automatic weapons, RPGs, and specialty ammunition. Tactical body armor absorbs hits from high-velocity rounds and grenade fragments while enabling the wearer to stay in the fight.

EnGarde takes great pride in supplying the body armor needs of the world’s elite anti-terrorist teams. Our commitment to quality and advanced engineering stems from the specific knowledge that our customers trust us with their lives. We will never cut corners or take chances with that trust. At EnGarde, we’ve got your back.

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