Roshel Senator: The Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier for Law Enforcement

Discover the Roshel Senator APC, a versatile and highly maneuverable armored personnel carrier designed to meet the diverse needs of law enforcement, offering exceptional comfort, robust ballistic protection, and advanced smart capabilities.

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Roshel Senator APC is Canadian vehi

The Roshel Senator is a great military armored car produced by Roshel of Canada, based on the reliable Ford F-550 chassis. Designed to safeguard against small arms fire, this versatile vehicle serves as an effective SWAT platform while also capable of fulfilling roles as an armored personnel carrier (APC) and infantry mobility vehicle (IMV). Since its introduction in April 2018, the Senator APC has become Roshel’s flagship model, offering an array of technical characteristics, design elements, and assembly features that make it an ideal choice for law enforcement and border patrol applications.

A Versatile and Efficient APC

The Senator APC is a highly versatile armored personnel carrier designed to serve various operational scenarios effectively. Roshel’s modular design approach enables the vehicle to support an extensive range of applications, including armored personnel carriers, mobile command and control units, law enforcement vehicles, and medical evacuation vehicles. This adaptability makes the Senator APC a reliable and adaptable solution for law enforcement agencies seeking a multipurpose vehicle.

Exceptional Maneuverability for Urban Environments

One of the standout features of the Senator APC is its remarkable maneuverability, particularly in urban environments. The vehicle boasts a small turning radius, allowing it to easily navigate narrow streets and confined spaces. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for law enforcement operations in densely populated areas, where maneuverability and agility are paramount.

Uncompromised Comfort and Protection

Roshel prioritizes both comfort and safety in the design of the Senator APC. The vehicle’s body incorporates innovative lightweight composite materials, ensuring optimal performance and mobility. Additionally, advanced heat and noise insulation materials are integrated into the design, providing high comfort for occupants. The fully air-conditioned interior enhances comfort, enabling effective operations even in harsh environments.

Roshel Senator Smart Armored Vehicle
Roshel Senator Smart Armored Vehicle (Photo: Roshel)

Robust Ballistic Protection

The Senator APC has a robust perimeter armoring system that provides unparalleled protection. With its CEN B7 ballistic protection level, the vehicle ensures the safety of occupants in high-risk situations. All utilized materials have undergone rigorous testing by internationally-recognized North American and European laboratories to meet stringent ballistic protection standards. This commitment to safety and security ensures law enforcement personnel can confidently operate in dangerous environments.

Advanced Smart Capabilities

In addition to standard security features, Roshel equips its vehicles with advanced innovative capabilities, including the Senator APC. These intelligent solutions enhance operational efficiency and security for law enforcement agencies. Remote surveillance, monitoring systems, and customizable access controls enable precise mission execution. Furthermore, perimeter gun ports, escape hatches, advanced locks, external view cameras, siren/PA systems, and emergency lighting further bolster the vehicle’s effectiveness in critical situations.

Operational usage

The Roshel Senator APC has proven its worth in real-world scenarios, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability. During the Crew Dragon Demo-2 test flight in 2020, Senators were deployed to ensure the safety of astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. In 2022, these armored vehicles were sent to Ukraine as part of military aid packages to assist the Ukrainian government during the Russian invasion. Responding to the growing demand, Roshel plans to increase production to 1,000 vehicles annually. This marked the first time the Senators were utilized in combat.

Recognizing their value, Canada pledged an aid package of CAD 90 million (USD 67.3 million) in January 2023, which included 200 Senators for Ukraine. Additionally, the Interior Minister of Tuzla Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the acquisition of four Senators for police use. However, as of June 16, 2023, six Senators fell victim to the conflict, with three destroyed, two damaged, and one captured by Russian forces, highlighting the challenging and dangerous environments these vehicles operate in.


Senator MRAP

The Roshel Senator MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle incorporates v-hull technology to enhance vehicle and crew survivability, providing exceptional protection and durability. With its combat-proven platform, the Senator MRAP has demonstrated its effectiveness in conflict zones, offering a high level of defense against mine blasts and ambushes. This vehicle excels in off-road capabilities and is equipped with a 6.7L turbo diesel engine, four-wheel drive, and high ground clearance.

A critical feature contributing to the Senator MRAP’s survivability is its V-shaped body design, specifically engineered to mitigate the effects of explosive attacks, particularly from landmines and IEDs. The pronounced V-shape acts as a deflective armor structure, redirecting the force of an explosion away from the cabin. By dispersing the blast wave and shrapnel to the sides, the V-shaped hull minimizes the risk of severe injuries or fatalities to the occupants. Moreover, this design absorbs and dissipates the explosive energy, further bolstering the vehicle’s resistance to blasts.

Roshel Senator MRAP
Roshel Senator MRAP (Photo: Roshel)

The Roshel MRAP prioritizes ergonomic features, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working environment for personnel inside. The customizable layout allows for adaptability to various mission requirements, while advanced engineering guarantees optimal performance, mobility, and reliability on the battlefield. The Senator MRAP’s V-shaped body design considers the dynamics of explosions, leveraging this knowledge to create a safer environment within the vehicle. By significantly increasing occupant survivability, the V-shaped hull has saved numerous lives in conflict zones and areas of explosive hazards.

Senator ERV

The Senator Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) is the ultimate solution for your most demanding emergency operations, providing unmatched performance, mobility, and protection. With innovative lightweight materials and advanced technological solutions, the Senator ERV sets the standard in its class.

The Senator ERV is designed for successful rescue operations in both urban and remote locations and boasts exceptional maneuverability and unique technical characteristics. Roshel’s products have earned the highest score for side tilt in the industry, ensuring outstanding vehicle stability and roll-over resistance on uneven terrain. Moreover, the Senator offers the best protection-to-weight ratio among vehicles in its category, directly impacting fuel consumption, maneuverability, and speed. Inside the vehicle, novel insulation materials shield against heat and noise, while full air-conditioning ensures comfort in diverse climate zones.

Roshel Senator Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)
Roshel Senator Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) (Photo: Roshel)

Equipped with Roshel’s proprietary smart vehicle technology, the Senator ERV provides operators with advanced tools for managing emergency operations. Connectivity and telematics power the vehicle’s remote surveillance, monitoring, and access controls, allowing responders to assess and mitigate real-time risks. Roshel’s pioneering smart tools enhance the safety and efficacy of every mission, both now and in the future.

The Senator ERV prioritizes protection with its perimeter armoring of the passenger compartment and engine bay, offering ballistic protection up to CEN B7 standards. The vehicle floor is fitted with ground-blast protection, further enhancing occupant safety. Rigorously tested by internationally recognized North American and European laboratories, all materials used in the Senator ERV meet stringent ballistic standards. Standard security features, including escape hatches, advanced locks, external view cameras, siren and PA systems, and emergency lighting, are included in all models.

Like the Senator APC, the ERV is built on a dynamic modular platform that can be custom configured to address specific rescue scenarios and emergency conditions. Roshel’s in-house research and development and efficient manufacturing processes ensure that custom vehicle requirements can be met within the industry’s shortest lead times.

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Canada
Engine6.7L Diesel V8
Horse Power330 @ 2,600 rpm
Torque750 @ 2,000 rpm
Transmission10-speed automatic
Dimensions5945 x 2340 x 2450 mm
Wheelbase3683 mm
Seating capacityUp to 12

Internationally-recognized North American and European laboratories have tested all utilized materials to meet ballistic protection standards.

  • Level I. – 22 LRHV Lead.38 Special RN Lead
  • Level II-A – .357 Magnum JSP9mm FMJ
  • Level II – .357 Magnum JSP9mm FMJ
  • Level III-A – .44 Magnum SWC9mm FMJ
  • Level III – 7.62mm .308 Winchester FMJ
  • Level IV – 30-60 AP

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