SIMUNITION FX: A training kit for close-quarter combat

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Simunition FX is ideal tool for SWAT training

Simunition FX training system is intended for use in law enforcement and military training of close-quarter combat. In global, Simunition FX is training ammunition produced by General Dynamics – Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada Inc. of Quebec, Canada. It dates to the late 1980s when SNC Technologies Inc. (now General Dynamics) created Simunition FX to provide more realistic training to military and law enforcement agencies. Now Simunition FX is their registered trademark. These Simunition FXrounds are designed for training with police and military service weapons.

Simunition FX weapons

Most of the weapons require slight modification for shooting Simunition FX rounds to ensure that standard service rounds cannot be fired and to simulate full recoil with reduced-pressure/reduced-velocity rounds. This makes training more realistic.

Simunition FX training (Photo: Simuniton FX)

Simunition has many advantages for its use. It provides the most realistic close-range training system using non-lethal and non-toxic cartridges, providing force-on-force and man-to-man live fire scenario training without the associated danger. That also means that you can do convenient training at any place and time. Simunition FX is also reliable and affordable, and it is of high quality.

The core of the Simunition FX training system is the FX marking Cartridges, and they are known as “the world’s most realistic close-range combat training system.” The patented, reduced-energy, non-lethal cartridges leave a detergent-based, water-soluble color-marking compound. The visible impacts allow accurate assessment of simulated lethality. The cartridges are available in .38 cal. And 9 mm and feature tactical accuracy up to 25 feet (7.6 meters). The 5.56 mm is tactically accurate with ball cartridges to 100 feet (30 meters). No special ballistic facilities are required. They meet the need for a force-on-force and man-to-man training system that is realistic, effective, inexpensive, adaptable, and fully portable.

Simunition FX systems and cartridges

  • FX Force-on-Force system
  • CQT System
  • Securiblank system
  • Greenshield system
  • Shortstop
  • DragonFly
Simunition FX cartridges
Simunition FX cartridges (Photo: Simuniton FX)

Today, the Simunition FX conversion kits are must-have training equipment for military/law enforcement use. Such training equipment helps build confidence and connections between trainees in simulated combat situations close to actual combat, except it’s not lethal. Even top Tier units are using Simunition FX, including Delta Force, Navy SEALs, and their counterparts in the world.

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