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Springfield Hellcat: The World’s Highest Capacity Micro-Compact

A new micro-compact pistol from the Croatian well-known firearms company has attracted nothing but praise on the American market, placing yet another Croatian product in high esteem on foreign/distant markets. The Croatian firearms company HS Produkt has premiered a brand new Hellcat pistol in October 2019, marketed under the Springfield Armory brand on the American …

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Croatian Special Forces

Since the Croatian war for independence, Croatia has developed their own special forces on both law enforcement and military level which took part in their War for independence. Today, Croatia is a member of NATO and their special forces are still organized on both levels. In their case, special forces and special operations forces are …

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ATJ Lucko

Anti-Terrorist Unit Lučko (Croatian: Antiteroristička jedinica Lučko, ATJ Lučko) is an elite Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Croatian Police stationed in Lučko near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Like all police units in the country, it is under command of the Ministry of the Interior. The unit was established on September 7, 1990 and was the …

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The Special Operations Battalion

The Special Operations Battalion (Croatian: Bojna za specijalna djelovanja or shortly BSD) is an elite unit of the Croatian Armed Forces. They were founded on September 8, 2000, within the General Staff Unit of the Croatian Armed Forces. They were formed by merging staff of the Centre for special combat skills from base “Šepurine” and …

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