Uberti Single Action Revolver: A copy of the Colt 1873 Frontier

Uberti Single Action Revolver was a good copy of the Colt 1873 Frontier Uberti Single Action Revolver was a good copy of the Colt 1873 Frontier
Uberti Single Action Revolver was a good copy of the Colt 1873 Frontier (Photo: XY)

Uberti Single Action Revolver is not exactly new, though it reappears under a new name every few months. In the 1960s the spaghetti western movies and the quick-draw craze appear to have hit Italy and several companies began making cheap and cheerful copies of the Colt 1873 Frontier to meet the demand.


One or two of them realized that there could be something better in this, and seeing that there was a large demand for good single-action revolvers (since Colt had stopped making theirs) began making good quality pistols and exporting them. Uberti is one of the best, and their products have appeared under their own name, under the names of various importers in the United States (eg. Mitchell Arms Crops, Costa Mesa, Ca; Western Arms, Santa Fe, NM; Iver Johnsons, Middlesex, NJ; and many more), and under various brand names – Cattleman, Buckhorn, Trailblazer and so forth.

Uberti Frank 1875 Single Action Outlaw
Uberti Frank 1875 Single Action Outlaw (Photo: XY)

The Uberti Single Action Revolver standard .45 uses a 7.5 in barrel on a nicely color-hardened frame with a brass trigger guard and solid walnut grip. The foresight is a serrated blade on a ramp, the backlight a square notch with adjustment for elevation and windage. The finish, both in appearance and in a fit of the cylinder, is excellent, and the single-action trigger ‘breaks’ very cleanly with a consistent feel. It is capable of very good accuracy, provided some care is taken over selecting compatible ammunition; groups of under two inches at 25 yards are possible when rest-fired.

Calibers and barrel lengths

The Uberti design can be had in a wide variety of caliber and barrel length options; .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum chamberings are offered, and barrel lengths of 4.75, 5.5, 7.5, 10, 12, and 18 inches are possible; with the latter a shoulder stock is available.

Technical specifications: Uberti Single Action Revolver

Manufacturer: Aldo Uberti, SpA, Brescia, Italy
Type: six-shot, solid frame, single-action revolver
Caliber: .45 Colt
Barrel: 7.5 in (190 mm)
Weight (empty): 40 oz (1134 grams)
Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
  1. Have a Uberti Cattleman in 44-40…It’s quality is second to none. Most accurate handgun I own! And handloading makes it affordable to shoot.

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