SAB Trident Super Revolver: A rare model from Italy

Ian Hogg

SAB Trident Super Revolver

The SAB Trident Super Revolver is a conventional design of a solid frame revolver with swing-out the cylinder and rod ejection. The grip is well-proportioned to fill the hand and the barrel is slab-sided to lighten it, which results in a particularly well-balanced weapon. The foresight is mounted on a ventilated rib and the back-sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. The finish is in bright blueing, with well-checkered walnut grips, and the workmanship is good.

It is manufactured by the Societe Armi Bresciani of Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. A company with a relatively young history in the manufacturing of weapons. The SAB Trident Super Revolver today is very rare and hard to find. It is popular among gun collectors because there is not so much manufactured pieces of this revolver.

Technical specifications: SAB Trident Super Revolver

Manufacturer: Societe Armi Bresciane Srl, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
Type: double-action 6-shot solid frame revolver
Caliber: .38 Special
Barrel: 4 in (102 mm)
Weight (empty): 25.04 oz (720 grams)
Capacity: six rounds

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