Charter Arms Pathfinder Revolver

Charter Arms Pathfinder 22 Long Rifle revolver
Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle caliber

Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver is an enlarged version of the .22 Pathfinder introduced in 1972; the earlier weapon had a 3-inch barrel and proved popular as a pack gun. Now with the adoption of a 6-in barrel, the gun becomes even more versatile.


The Charter Arms Pathfinder uses a steel solid frame and an attractive point is that the walnut grips are of a good size to allow a firm grip, a feature frequently over-looked in this caliber. The wing-out cylinder is released by a catch on the left side of the frame or by pulling the ejector rod forward. The six chambers are individually counterbored and the ejector rod is long enough to push the empty cases well clear of the cylinder face.

Charter Arms Pathfinder Revolver chambered in Lite .22 Magnum
Charter Arms Pathfinder Revolver chambered in Lite .22 Magnum (Photo: AmmoLand)

The foresight is a broad blade and the rear a wide slot; the rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage, though demanding a small screwdriver to make the adjustment. The double-action trigger pull is light and smooth, while the single-action release is sharp, requiring 3-4 lbs pressure to let off. Firing is by a floating firing pin and transfer bar system, by means of which the hammer cannot possibly contact the firing pin unless the trigger has been correctly pulled.


The Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver is available in either .22LR or .22WMRF chambering, though the cylinders are not interchangeable. The .22 RF version will, of course, shoot .22 Long and .22 Short equally well. Either chambering gives perfectly good accuracy 1 1/2 inch groups at 25 yards. The Pathfinder revolver is considered as a very good and reliable weapon.

Technical specifications of Pathfinder Revolver

Manufacturer: Charter Arms Corp,. 430 Sniffens Lane, Stratford, CT 06497, United States of America
Type: a six-shot, solid-frame, double-action revolver
Caliber : .22 Long Rifle RF or .22 Winchester Magnum RF
Barrel: 6 in (152 mm)
Weight: 22.05 oz (638 gm)

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