Korth Combat: The most expensive revolver on the market

by Ian Hogg

Korth Combat Revolver .357 Magnum

The Korth Combat is a German revolver chambered in .357 Magnum caliber. The company of Will Korth is little known outside Germany; it is a subsidiary of the Dynamit-Nobel group and has produced limited numbers of sporting weapons in the past. It is now exploring a revolver that, at well over $1,000 must qualify as the most expensive handgun in existence (during the early 1990s).


The Korth Combat is a conventional solid frame revolver with a swing-out cylinder with some likeness to the Colt Python. Under the skin, however, there are some interesting differences. The barrel, for example, is a separate component shrouded within a steel jacket which also forms the extractor rod shroud. The barrel screws into the frame, the jacket passes over it and the whole assembly is then secured by a barrel nut on the muzzle.

The cylinder crane is released by pushing a serrated catch on the right side of the hammer, which presses forward the ejector rod and allows the crane to move. Once open, the cylinder can be slipped from the crane by depressing a spring latch. The clearance between the face of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel is minimal so that gas leak is negligible, but this does mean the interface must be cleaned regularly.

The firing pin is a separate component, mounted in the frame, and there is a safety system linked to the trigger which prevents the pin from being struck by the hammer unless the trigger is pulled. The trigger action is smooth if a trifle is heavy at double-action, but the let-off point is clean and crisp. The trigger is adjustable for travel.

The foresight is a conventional ramp blade, while the rear sight is a notch, adjustable for windage and elevation. The grip fills the hand well and gives good control of the pistol when firing. The finish is excellent, the metal being well blued and the grips being high-grade walnut, while hammer, trigger, and barrel lock nut are chromium-plated.


In use the Korth Combat is pleasant to shoot and as accurate as might be expected, capable of delivering tight groups in single-action mode, slightly larger in double-action. So far as performance goes, I would say that it is on a par with other high-quality revolvers; the finish, inside and out is excellent, the design good; but I cannot honestly see where the high price is justified in any concrete manner.

Korth Combat chambered in .357 Magnum caliber is one of the most expensive revolvers on the market
Korth Combat chambered in .357 Magnum caliber is one of the most expensive revolvers on the market (Photo: Korth)

But then again, one could perhaps make the same sort of observation about some breeds of cameras and automobiles which carry a high price tag but still sell all they can make.

Technical specifications: Korth Combat

Manufacturer: Will Korth Sportwaffen-Herst, D-2418 Ratzeburg, Germany
Type: six-shot, double-action, solid frame
Caliber: .357 Magnum
Barrel: 3 in (152 mm); 6 in (152 mm)
Weight (empty): 35 oz (992 grams) with 3 in barrel
Capacity: 6 rounds

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    so poorly done rehash/review of a revolver that’s been beaten like the proverbial horse.

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7 thoughts on “Korth Combat: The most expensive revolver on the market”

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