Charter Arms .44 Target Bulldog

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The Target Bulldog is a revolver produced by Charter Arms factory in caliber .44 Special and .357 Magnum. Charter Arms started their career by producing robust no-frills revolvers for lawmen and others, and one of their notable innovations was the Charter Arms .44 Target Bulldog, a short-barreled but powerful pistol which revived the .44 Special cartridge. This is a highly serviceable round which has tended to be overlooked in recent years, being edged out by the .44 Magnum, and it had a good reputation for accuracy.


In response to various inquiries and requests, the Charter Arms has now redesigned the Bulldog to take maximum advantage of the cartridge’s capabilities.

The Charter Arms Target Bulldog differs from the original Bulldog in having a one-inch longer barrel, complete with shroud for the ejector rod, and in having a fully adjustable rear sight. It is also slightly heavier, and the net result of the extra length and weight is a revolver that is rather more controllable than the original and which is sufficiently accurate to shoot two-inch groups at 25 yards all day. Lengthening the barrel has improved the velocity and consistency and has also cut down slightly on the muzzle blast, making the pistol more comfortable to shoot.


For those who consider the .44 Special a little too much, the Target Bulldog revolver is also available in .357 Magnum caliber.

Charter Arms Target Bulldog chambered in .357 Magnum
Charter Arms Target Bulldog chambered in .357 Magnum (Photo: GunAuction)

Technical specifications of Target Bulldog

Manufacturer: Charter Arms Corp,. 430 Sniffens Lane, Stratford, CT 06497, United States of America
Type: a five-shot, solid-frame, double-action revolver
Caliber : .44 Special
Barrel: 4 in (102 mm)
Weight: 20 oz (567gm)
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2 thoughts on “Charter Arms .44 Target Bulldog”

  1. I love your Firearms , they go way back . wondering if it is possible that you will manufacture a 3″ barrel bulldog the 2.5″ is ok but 4″ is to much 3″ is perfect for conceal carry , the .44 special is an awesome enough round. Also having rear adjustable sights is a plus , that is hard to get ,most revolvers now days do not furnish that it should be a standard with every revolver , having the ability to adjust up or down and sideways no matter what the barrel length is the simple fact is , it makes the revolver fully loaded and far more desirable instead of this one does this one does not, it makes it easier for all shooters to be able to shoot succesfully.

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