Dan Wesson Pistol-Pac: Unique revolver with removable barrels

by Eric Sof

Dan Wesson Pistol-Pack revolver

Dan Wesson revolvers are not new, but the Pistol-Pac concept is different from that it deserves a place in any listing. The Dan Wesson Company began production in 1968 and rapidly made a name for its unique revolvers.


The unusual feature was that the barrels were removable and could be changed for others of different lengths so that, for example, one could have an 8-inch barrel for home defense, changing them around as required. The basic action is a solid framed double-action revolver; the barrel screws into the front of the frame in a conventional manner, but it is then concealed by a jacket, carrying foresight and ejector rod shroud, which slips over the barrel and is then secured by a retaining nut screwed on to the muzzle of the barrel to hold the jacket firmly in place and place the barrel under tension.

The jacket is automatically aligned with the foresight upright, and slight placement remains constant when barrels are changed. A feeler gauge allows the user to ensure that the correct breech-to-cylinder clearance is maintained.

While producing a variety of revolvers in calibers from .22 to .44 Magnum, the Dan Wesson system is best seen in their unique Pistol-Pac, a package in which the basic revolver is supplied complete with four barrels, two sets of grips (service and target), plus a block of wood for carving the third set to your specification, and a stripping tool for removing the jacket and barrel.

All this is neatly packed into a hand case lined with sponge rubber. The barrels provided are 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches long. In .357 Magnum chambering, the Model 15-2 is standard, and it is supplemented by the 15-2 VH, which has heavier barrels and jackets with ventilated ribs.

Special ability

Dan Wesson revolvers have a high reputation for accuracy and reliability. The Pistol-Pac idea allows the shooter to have the best of several choices at his fingerprints at all times.

Dan Wesson Model 14 Pistol-Pack
Dan Wesson Model 14 Pistol-Pack (Photo: XY)

Technical specification: Dan Wesson’s Pistol-Pac

Manufacturer: Dan Wesson Arms, Monson, MA 01057, United States
Type: six-shot, solid frame, double-action
Caliber: .357 Magnum
Barrel: 2, 4, 6, and 8 in (51, 102, 103, and 203 mm)
Weight (empty): 36 oz (4 in barrel)
Capacity: Six rounds
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14 thoughts on “Dan Wesson Pistol-Pac: Unique revolver with removable barrels”

  1. I have a Dan Wesson in the 44 Mag caliber with a 6” & 8” barrel’s! Approximately what would the value be?

  2. I have had mine for over 25 years. I love it and use it on big game hunting trips.

  3. I have a 357 pistol with the 4 barrels and love the way it shoots and handles. Also have a 44 Mag with two barrels 6″ and 8″ and have a red dot on the 8″ barrel. I can come close to a 4 inch pattern at 100 yds. with 5 rounds. My cousin much younger and better eyes and steadier can do even better. This of course was done using a rest.

  4. I have the full pistol pac in 357, and also 44 mag with 6 and 8 inch barrel with red dot on 8 inch, love how both shoot.

  5. Have complete pistol pac .357mag heavy barrel. Terrific pac Thought about selling at one point then kept it! Unique piece!

  6. I had a Dan Wesson Model 10, 38 Caliber, 6″ bull barrel, revolver. Had to sell because I needed the money at the time. Purchased brand new and sold about 1988. Great weapon, shot straight, felt great. Out performed my brothers Colt 38, police special. Wish I still had it.

  7. I learned to shoot pistol with the one my Dad had it was chambered in .357 and was blue. It came in a wooden box with 4 or 5 barrels in the second level.
    We shot target with the 8-in. And he would put the 4-in barrel on it for road trips.

  8. I have a Dan Wesson 445 Super Mag, two barrels, 4 and 6” with red dot scope. Nice big game gun.

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