Astra .357 Revolver

Astra .357 Revolver
Astra .357 Revolver (Photo: XY)

The Astra .357 revolver is manufactured in Spain by Astra Unceta. Astra Company has a long history of automatic-pistol manufacture, having made the Spanish Army’s service since World War One, but they did not enter the revolver field until the late 1950s, and then with a relatively cheap line under the name of ‘Cadix’. About ten years later, having gained some practical experience, they then produced this Astra .357 Magnum model, an excellent revolver that will stand comparison with anyone.


Like most Spanish guns, it has a striking resemblance to the Smith & Wesson family. It is a conventional solid-frame weapon with a swing-out cylinder, floating firing pin, and with safety, bar included in the lockwork. An unusual point is that the shorter (3 and 4 inches) barreled models have smaller grips than the longer-barreled models; it seems that their theory is that those who buy the short guns want a handy defensive weapon, while those who buy the longer barrel are looking for target guns and deserve target-style grips. All have fully-adjustable Patridge-style rear sights and ramp foresight.

Astra .357 Revolver with 4 inches barrel
Astra .357 Revolver with 4 inches barrel (Photo: XY)

The fit and finish are first-class; all have fully recessed chambers which enclose the cartridge heads, the walnut grips are neatly checkered, and the metal is well blued and polished to a deep luster. Both hammer spur and trigger are deeply grooved to give them non-slip properties.

The accuracy and reliability of these Astra revolvers are in keeping with their quality of finish. They can be expected to group as tightly as the shooter is capable of holding, and they show no signs of loosening after long wear. Though not inexpensive, they are good value and cost less than many comparable pistols.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Astra, Unceta y Cia, Guernica, Spain
Type: six-shot, solid frame, double-action
Caliber:  .357 Magnum
Barrel: 3, 4, 6 and 8.5 in (76, 102, 152 and 216 mm)
Weight: 40 oz (1134 g) (6 in barrel)
Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
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