The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles

The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: Polaris MRZR-D4 ATV
The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: Polaris MRZR-D4 ATV (Photo: Polaris)

The unbelievable power of force protection vehicles reveals every country’s aspiration to defend its troops or territory.  Every country has been developing its means of technology in the twenty-first century. As much as it is important to understand that humanity despises the violent machines, it’s also deemed safe to develop these machines since it provides a sense of security once the nation has a strong channel of defense and high protection.


Nowadays, armies of almost all the top countries have been relying upon the very vigilant, and powerful force protection vehicles. In the market, there are tons of different kinds ranging from the classic vehicle- a participant of world wars- to the modernized versions. There are also many different kinds of minute detailing in these strong vehicles. From security cameras including dashcam or the spy covert cam to the channel of power guns, there is a wide range of options any of these Vehicles provides- to assure a fool-proof security network.

We are compiling some interesting, as well as hefty features of the force protection vehicles since it will give us a sense of how much strength each one of the designs carries respectively. Let’s discuss these vehicles by their names!

T-90MS: The Russian Flying Tank

As we already have mentioned above, that mainly every field of technology has been evolving lately. Similar is the case with power vehicles. The T-90MS is also a modernized version of what originally was Russia’s t-90 main battle tank. The flying tank is famous for being able to carry huge loads along with a maintained speed. To this date, its creation in the late 1980s is understood to be a game-changer and a milestone- not only in Russia but in the whole world.

T-90MS Russian Flying Tank
The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: T-90MS Russian Flying Tank (Photo: Wiki)

A very unique feature of this tank is its very lightweight for what is its purpose. Apart from that, T-90 has a high cruising endurance, it can deal with the water fields, has it’s very own missile system attached, and a very efficient night mode. With all these features, the T-90 is a ridiculously low maintenance vehicle in means of its diesel engine. With all the modernization, the features have been updated according to the latest suitability with increased mobility, improved cannon, and sleek firing ammunition.

The Ultimate Polaris ATVs

ATVs are another big deal out there. These vehicles are among the most famous and used ones under the U.S. Special Operations Command. It’s important to feature is its small posture and hence the great mobility. ATVs are great in traction, give its ultimate in gripping the terrain to fetch operators from the corners, and in the sands. The special thing about the militarized All Terrain Vehicles- ATVs is that because of its small structure, it can be deployed to and from the greater distances.

ATVs for Special Operations Forces: Polaris RZR 800
The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: Photo showing a special forces ATV Polaris RZR-800 being loaded onto a Chinook helicopter (Photo: DoD)

Similarly, its size provides the option of being logistic support at hand to ground combat units meanwhile carrying transport and military supplies at a far quicker pace than on foot- since a large tank can’t be just used for insignificant traveling- ATVs are the option to go. ATVs also have the nighttime mobility- those mobiles specifically known as LTATV i.e. Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle.

APC Despot

Now APC is the classic looking power vehicle which is deeply abled for multiple purposes along with a 4 by 4 drive. The Despot mine-restraint ambush-protected vehicle can be used from patrol missions, reconnaissance missions, the command vehicle, to counter-guerrilla, counter-terror combat, the strict border control, as well as the military medical vehicle. The despot has a high quality steel armor hull for additional security.

The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: APC Despot - 4x4 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle
The Unbelievable Power of Force Protection Vehicles: APC Despot – 4×4 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (Photo: XY)

With the help of six forward and single reverse gear, the despot can speed up to 120 km/h which makes it way more efficient, respectable to the size and weight of the vehicle. The vehicle also has assured independent suspension ability, a tire inflation system, high mobility, a couple of forwarding opening doors, and consistent with the left-hand drive configuration.

Kamov Ka-52 Alligator

As well all know, power vehicles aren’t just restricted to the land or the marine. Air-army needs support and strength just like any other. One fine example of the force protection helicopter is the model Kamov. Russian based, Ka-52 is a reconnaissance combat helicopter. It’s small body never compromised its great duty of destroying the tanks, armored or non-armored ground battles, several enemy lines, and whatnot.

One good feature of a helicopter is the possibility of targeting not only the front line troops but being able to fetch the conditioned reserves as well- all these duties the Ka-52 performs perfectly. Ka-52 Alligator provides a command for helicopter teams as well as the ground command, convey the routine patrols and military convoys to their new position all the while watching the enemy.

Kamov Ka-52 Alligator
Kamov Ka-52 Alligator (Photo: XY)

Because of its high, and advanced system of reconnaissance, the new Ka-52 Alligator, named as ‘black shark’, has been taking up an expanded crew team to operate the optronics and radar suite. Starting the journey from the 1980s, the Ka-52 has gone under several powerful alterations and modifications up till 2010. Apart from active reconnaissance, this helicopter has signature control devices, electronic countermeasures, as well as a double-seat cockpit so that it can be flown by either of the pilots.

The intelligent crafting of the alligator provides the most advanced flight abilities such as- the presence of coaxial rotors making the jet maneuvering and attacking into the marginalized spaces, a pair of turboshaft engines allowing operation at highest altitudes, the static ceiling, and the ability to work just as fine whether the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold and icy.


These, and many other intense, powerful, differently-abled, and efficient force protection vehicles are the main strength behind any other army. The traditional tanks are still the most radical as well as cared-about items in the list of force protection vehicles since the operation field till this date is the land- however, the powerful functions and sick abilities of drones and jets cannot be denied at all.

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