Which one is better: Glock 19 vs SIG P229?

To compare Glock 19 vs SIG P229, we need to bring it back to basic. Despite the “Better” is a subjective term, it is still a

Eric Sof

Which one is better: Glock 19 vs SIG P229?
Which one is better: Glock 19 vs SIG P229? (Photo: XY)

To compare Glock 19 vs SIG P229, we need to bring it back to basic. Despite the “Better” is a subjective term, it is still a brilliant question. Both of these happen to be my favorites. I will not take an “agnostic” approach—not really definitively favoring one or the other. This article will be a testament to the quality of both.


To me, asking me to pick between the Glock 19 and the SIG P229 is like asking which is the better car: The Audi or the BMW. They both have a great driving experience and they come down to what the individual likes. Sure, one has some attributes that are “better” than the other and vice-versa but again that comes to individual preferences. For both, I would depend on them with my life. I’ll get into details of what I like for both if that helps.

SIG P229

This is a pistol that was designed specifically with the .40 S&W round in mind. Sure, it’s a bit heavy but that’s the point. For something that shoots something as stout as a .40, the recoil is very soft. My favorite “vintage” is the half-serrated stainless steel slide and rounded trigger guard from the 90s—hardly anything to snag on if carried under a jacket. I don’t mind the high bore axis in terms of the sight picture. I don’t need to crane my neck forward for a sight picture.

Glock 19 vs SIG P229: Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact
Glock 19 vs SIG P229: Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact (Photo: XY)

I also like the grip angle as it resembles a natural “fist” if I were ever needing to use it in a stressful situation. I installed the newer E2 grip on it and it’s even better in terms of getting a good purchase on the grip as well as tactile feel. I also installed the Grayguns intermediate trigger on it. I also plan on installing the Short Reset Trigger kit.

I also have the 19 lbs mainspring installed so I have a smoother double-action pull while still guaranteeing a decisive primer strike of the hammer. It doesn’t need to be said but the single-action is crisp. I also had a chance to try the 9mm version. The recoil is very minimal.

Glock 19

I’m impressed that a pistol with this capacity is as slim and light as it is. I appreciate the no-nonsense slide. It’s relatively slim and the Tennifer nitro-carburized finish makes it unbelievably tough. I like the Glock 19 Gen 3 and 4 formats, personally (I appreciate the finger grooves). The low bore axis seems to make it a very instinctive point-shooting pistol. The stock plastic sights leave more to be desired, unfortunately.

Glock 19 pistol is weapon of choice for many special forces units in the world
Glock 19 vs SIG P229: Glock 19 as a favorite sidearm for many special forces operators, domestic and abroad (Photo: Pinterest)

But on the upshot, the name “Glock” is synonymous with the notion of “aftermarket parts”. There’s no shortage of the spectrum of sights and other mods that you can find with it. There’s also no shortage of treatments to reshape the polymer grip to your liking.

I like how easy it is to detail strip the entire pistol. If there’s any part that needs to be replaced, it can easily be installed by the user if they have the right tools on-hand. I also very much appreciate the uniformity of trigger pull from the striker-fired system.

Final verdict: Glock 19 vs SIG P229

In order to give a final conclusion and answer to the question, I need to point out again, that better is a subjective term, and that both guns are very reliable. As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, both Glock 19 and SIG P229 are great pistols and hard to compare in their basic way. In the end, the shooter should find out which one suits him best.

In late 2015, Naval Special Warfare Command made the decision to add the Glock 19, the compact nine-millimeter version of the Glock series of handguns, to the Navy SEALs‘ handgun arsenal.

The biggest difference between the Glock 19 vs SIG P229 firearms is the firing methods; the Glock is striker-fired and the SIG is hammer-fired. This is the main difference when it comes to triggers and gives two very distinct triggers.

Personally, the Sig P229 is a better gun out of the box. Better trigger, better sights, better ergonomics. If you go from the beginning, but if you want to invest money, Glock 19 has far more accessories available to acquire and to build up a quite different gun which would be better than the SIG P229.

If you want a hybrid of both based on the above, also look into the SIG P320 or the Smith & Wesson M&P series.

Eric Sof

Eric Sof holds a master's degree in Political Science, specializing in International Peacekeeping Studies. He has over a decade of experience as a former member of an elite counterterrorism unit. Additionally, he is a firearms instructor and currently serves as a member of the SWAT unit.


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4 thoughts on “Which one is better: Glock 19 vs SIG P229?”

  1. Hi, you stated that the Sig has better ergonomics compared with the Glock, in truth, this is totally fallacious, the reality being that the Glock is irrefutably ergonomically superior to the Sig, any Sig, or pretty much any service pistols on the market and or in service with LE and military. I have seen this erroneous characterization made countless times by countless people, many of them professionals who should know better! What you really mean, most likely, is you think the Sig fits your hand better, that is not ergonomics, it is simply fit! The Sig possesses a decocker lever/safety, and the Glock does not, the Glock has no external controls beyond the slide-stop, and the mag release whatsoever, thus its ergonomics(how its system relates to human activation/interaction)are entirely superior to the Sig….All the best to you…

  2. Chris Sarno, human factors and ergonomics (commonly referred to as human factors) is the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering and design of products, processes, and systems. The goal of human factors is to reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance safety and comfort with a specific focus on the interaction between the human and the thing of interest. Sig is far more superior, once correctly trained with this pistol.

  3. Glock is better for everyday carry as it’s lighter and smaller – may not look as much on paper but you will notice a difference when walking with it whole day.

    Sig has much better trigger, no mods to Glock will ever make it as good as Sig – nothing beats a good old hammer, as for ergonomics – p229 feels a little better in my hand.

    In the end I chosen G19 gen 3 for EDC and P226 LDC 2 (full size, all steel) for competition shooting.

  4. Here’s the real difference: A hammer fired pistol will ignite primers that a striker fired pistol will sometimes not ignite! If you use ammo made to US or NATO specs, you are good to go with either a striker or hammer fired pistol. If you are relying on ammo made in Latin America or in Asia, you are better off with a hammer fired pistol.

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