CZ-75 Automatic: A rare automatic version of legendary Czech pistol

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CZ 75 Automatic pistol is rare version of CZ 75

CZ-75 Automatic is a rare automatic pistol version of the legendary CZ 75 that was initially developed for special military and police units. This version first appeared in 1992 and aimed mainly at the export market. Currently, only a few automatic pistols are being produced in the world.


The CZ 75 Automatic is built on a version of the CZ 75B. The main difference between those two versions is in the trigger and modifications, allowing full-auto capability. The pistol has two firing modes, semi-auto and full-auto. This pistol was designed to fits the gap between a semi-automatic pistol and a submachine gun. The original CZ 75 has been around for almost 50 years, and so far, it has proved a reliable and trusted service weapon in many military and law enforcement forces worldwide.

Ceska Zbrojovka 75 (CZ 75) service pistol
CZ 75 is a good and reliable service pistol (Photo: Pinterest)

One distinguishing characteristic of earlier models is its longer compensated barrel, although later models may have a standard barrel. An extra magazine can be attached to the front as a makeshift foregrip. Overall, it looks similar to the legendary selective-fire machine pistol Beretta 93R.


The Automatic version of the CZ 75 is a short-recoil operated weapon with a relatively compact size, slightly lighter than the regular CZ 75. The working principle of this weapon is based on the modified Browning’s short-recoil locking system. Although it is chambered for the same ammunition (9×19 mm Parabellum) as the CZ 75, this version has improved firepower. Its cyclic rate of fire is 1000 rounds per minute.

CZ 75 Automatic with magazine as a fore-grip
CZ 75 Automatic with magazine as a fore-grip (Photo: XY)

The whole pistol has a metal construction. The barrel length is the same as the standard version, but there are also pistols with a longer ported barrel extending beyond the end of the slide. It reduces muzzle climb during an automatic fire with the help of escaping gas.

The CZ 75 Automatic has two safety procedures; one is an internal firing pin safety while the other is a safety switch on the left side of the frame which also acts as a fire mode selector. The pistol is fed from a double-stack magazine, the same one used on the standard version of the CZ 75. It holds 15 rounds, but there are also available extended-capacity magazines that can hold up to 20 rounds.

The interesting thing is that a spare magazine can be attached to the front barrel to be used as a front grip. This feature allows better control over pistols during automatic fire, thus improving accuracy at longer ranges. This weapon has an ambidextrous magazine release button, making it easy for both left and right-handed users. Users can reposition a magazine release button from one side of the grip to another.

CZ 75 Automatic has a safety switch and mode selector on the left side
CZ 75 Automatic has a safety switch and mode selector on the left side (Photo: XY)

The sights on this CZ 75 are the same as the standard version. Simple iron sights are intended to provide you with a sighting line up to 50 meters, which is an effective range of fire. The pistol is easy to control, even in full-auto mode. The user can easily keep a burst of shots on the target at a range of up to 20 meters.

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
Manufacturer:Ceska Zbrojovka a.s., Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic
Entered service:
Caliber:9×19 mm Parabellum
Weight (empty):1 150 g
Length:240 mm
Barrel length:146 mm
Muzzle velocity:360 m/s
Magazine capacity:15, 20 rounds
Sighting range:50 m
Range of effective fire:50 m

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