Erma EG73 Carbine: Another successful German rifle

Erma EG73 Carbine
Erma EG73 Carbine (Photo: XY)

Erma EG73 Carbine is another successful rifle produced in West Germany. It is chambered in .22 Winchester Magnum RF. Although the experts are fond of telling us that lever-action carbines are inherently inaccurate, up until now nobody has told the carbines anything of the sort and they still go on shooting straight.

There is no doubt that there is a great visual appeal in the classic saddle-gun lines of straight stock and short fore-end, with the barrel and tubular magazine in front, and as long as this appeal remains, gunmakers are going to produce them and sell them. The Ermawerke company is also well known for its Erma EM1 rifle.


The Ermawerke of Germany has had considerable experience in weapon design and construction, and one of their latest offerings is this Magnum carbine Its lines follow the classic Winchester, though the action is entirely their own, with a solid-topped receiver. The bolt is unlocked and retracted by full 90 degrees swing of the under-lever, and in doing so it cocks the external hammer and lifts a fresh cartridge from the magazine. Pulling this lever back chambers the round and locks the bolt, ready to fire. The action is exceptionally smooth, being made to fine tolerances and well fitted, and the quietness will be appreciated by hunters.

Erma EG73 with mounted scope
Erma EG73 with mounted scope (Photo: XY)

The magazine is of steel, unlikely to be accidentally dented, and holds 12 cartridges, after which a 13th can be loaded into the breach. The foresight is a post concealed in a hood, while the rear sight is a notch on a step-adjustable leaf. There is no windage adjustment as such, though the sight can be moved sideways in its mounting for zeroing. The only safety device is the usual half-cock notch on the hammer.

The stock is of walnut and well finished, the steel of the barrel, magazine, and action, is blued and polished, and the whole weapon makes an attractive and functional package.

Technical specifications: Erma EG73

Manufacturer: Ermawerke GmbH, Dachau, D-8080 Germany
Type: lever-action, rimfire, magazine
Caliber:  .22 Winchester Magnum RF
Barrel: 19.5 in (495 mm)
Weight (empty): 5.5 lbs (2.49 kg)
Effective firing range:
Rate of fire: semi-automatic
Magazine capacity: 12 rounds
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