Heckler & Koch HK270

Heckler & Koch HK270 sport rifle with scope
Heckler & Koch HK270 sport rifle with scope (Photo: HK)

The Heckler & Koch HK270 is a sporting rifle with an interesting amalgamation of civil and military features and there is a suggestion that it may have originated in a design for a military training rifle. However it started, the resulting rifle is one of their best, being light, rapid, accurate, and extremely popular.


The HK270 is a conventional sporting rimfire model, using a plain blowback bolt action. The stock is of walnut and might be called ‘semi-Monte Carlo’, since while the comb is fairly high there is no prominent cheek rest. Its finish is excellent and it complements the well-blued finish of the metal-work.

The magazine enters beneath the action; as with other German designs, regulations restrict the home market to a two-round box, but larger magayines are provided for export, the five-round as standard and the 20-round as an optional alternative or extra.

Heckler & Koch HK270 schematic and diagram
Heckler & Koch HK270 schematic and diagram (Photo: XY)

The foresight is a ring shroud containing a diaphragm unit carrying a central post; by removing a pin this diaphragm can be changed for different thicknesses and heights of post. The rear sight is standard Germany Army G3 sight, which is the clue to its possible military training origin.

This is an aperture sight which can be varied for set ranges by rotating an obliquely-set drum. The whole sight can be adjusted for elevation and windage very easily by the use of a special tool supplied with the rifle. In addition, the receiver top is grooved for a telescope mount.

Fun gun

The HK270 is by no means a target rifle, but on the other hand it should not be dismissed simply as a ‘fun gun’ either. Once zeroed it is capable of impressive accuracy and it makes an excellent hunting weapon for the vermin and small game found in Europe.

Heckler & Koch HK270 without scope chambered in .22 Long Rifle RF
Heckler & Koch HK270 without scope chambered in .22 Long Rifle RF (Photo: XY)

Technical specifications: HK270

Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch GmbH, Oberndorf Am Neckar, Germany
Designed: The 1970s
Type: blowback, semi-automatic
Caliber:  .22 Long Rifle RF
Barrel: 19.7 in (500 mm)
Weight (empty): 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Effective firing range:
Rate of fire:
Magazine capacity: 2, 5 or 20 rounds


  1. After replacing the buffer, I cannot return the rifle to firing order. The bolt will not lock back, something is blocking it. Local gunsmith is baffled too. Any ideas?

  2. Buffer height is somewhat critical on these — a few thousandths too high, and the bolt can’t be retracted far enough for the lock to engage. Check for any crud or old adhesive under the buffer. If everything is squeaky clean, the height of the buffer may have to be reduced by a few thousandths. Tread lightly!

    R.W. Parker
    Parker Arms & Tool Works
    Geryville, Pennsylvania

  3. I recently inherited this Heckler Koch GMBH Rifle 22 Magnum 1992 ser 018151.
    it is in excellent condition with the quick connect scope and scope holder. has a 5 round and a 15 round magazine.
    can you tell me what I should be able to get for it at a gun store and private sale. I don’t believe it has been fired much at all
    thanks Donald McKinley


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