Sako P72: A fine rimfire rifle in .22

SAKO P72 Rimfire Rifle
SAKO P72 Rimfire Rifle (Photo: XY)

Sako has been making firearms for many years, concentrating particularly on center-fire sporting rifles in their export markets, but they have always made .22 rimfire rifles for home consumption. They have now begun exporting SAKO P72 rimfire rifle and, as well as making it in the standard .22 Long Rifle chambering, offer models in .22 Winchester Magnum RF and a center-fire version in .22 Hornet.


The general appearance echoes their larger-caliber sporting rifles’ lines, and the Sako is definitely not intended as a child’s first gun or a plinker. The action gives the impression of immense strength, the bolt having two extractors and two locking lugs, while both receiver and bolt are large by conventional .22 rimfire standards.

SAKO P72 is rimfire bolt action rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle RF
SAKO P72 is a rimfire bolt action rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle RF (Photo: XY)

The bolt is an interesting three-piece design in which the firing pin floats free, held back by its own spring, and the cocking piece, driven by the mainspring, is released by the sear to strike the pin. The cocking piece is retracted as the bolt lever is lifted to open the bolt so that the firing pin spring moves the pin back before the chamber is opened.

The stock is checkered and oil-finished, and there is a substantial pistol grip; the comb of the Monte Carlo butt is somewhat low, though this may be an individual impression. The sights incorporate the Williams Guide Line and comprise a ramped front sight with hooded bead and an open rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation; the receiver also has dovetail bases for a telescope.

Sako P72 with scope mounted
Sako P72 with a scope mounted (Photo: XY)

Sako P72 accuracy is good, one-inch groups at 50 yards being accomplished from a rest. I have seen misfeeding reports but was unable to fire sufficient rounds to make any conclusions of my own.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Oy Sako AB, SF-11100, Riihimaki 10, Finland
Type: bolt-action, magazine
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle RF
Barrel: 23.375 in (594 mm)
Weight (empty): 6.53 lbs (2.96 kg)
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds
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