ISDM Zemledeliye: An advanced remote mine-laying system

The Russian armed forces have recently deployed the ISDM Zemledeliye, an advanced remote mine-laying system, in Ukraine. This state-of-the-art system, built on the robust Kamaz

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ISDM Zemledeliye: An advanced remote mine-laying system during deployment somewhere in Ukraine
ISDM Zemledeliye: An advanced remote mine-laying system covered with camouflage during the deployment in Ukraine (Photo: Telegram)

The Russian armed forces have recently deployed the ISDM Zemledeliye, an advanced remote mine-laying system, in Ukraine. This state-of-the-art system, built on the robust Kamaz 6560 8×8 military truck chassis, brings technological prowess to the battlefield. With its smart capabilities and rapid mine deployment, the ISDM Zemledeliye significantly enhances military operations, offering increased precision while minimizing risks to friendly forces. Let’s explore the features and capabilities of this formidable asset that is reshaping modern warfare.

A Technological Breakthrough

The 122mm tube launchers mounted on the Kamaz 6560 military truck are at the heart of this groundbreaking system. With the ability to launch anti-tank or anti-personnel mines, the ISDM Zemledeliye can cover an expansive area within minutes. Comparable to the size of multiple football fields, the system’s deployment range ranges from 5 to 15 kilometers, providing a formidable defensive barrier.

ISDM Zemledeliye model at the Arms showcase in 2022
ISDM Zemledeliye model at the Arms showcase in 2022 (Photo: Defense)

Smart Capabilities for Enhanced Precision

One of the defining features of the ISDM Zemledeliye is its intelligent programming capabilities. Operators can configure the mines to engage specific targets, such as armored vehicles or personnel, significantly reducing the risk of civilian casualties. Moreover, the system incorporates advanced sensors that detect friendly forces, effectively preventing engagement with friendly vehicles. These smart capabilities contribute to improved safety and precision during mine deployment.


The ISDM Zemledeliye comprises two integral components: the launch vehicle and the transloader vehicle. These components are seamlessly integrated into the KamAZ-6560 8×8 truck, offering mobility and protection. The launch vehicle carries 50 122mm rockets, each loaded with scatterable anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. In contrast, the transloader vehicle has a reloading crane, facilitating swift and efficient ammunition replenishment.

Advanced Features and Self-Protection Measures

To ensure optimal performance and adaptability, the launcher truck of the ISDM Zemledeliye system is equipped with satellite navigation, a computer, and a weather station. These technological advancements allow operators to make real-time adjustments and account for weather conditions, guaranteeing accurate and effective missile flights. For self-protection, the truck is armed with three smoke grenade launchers on each side of the control cabin, enhancing its survivability in hostile environments.

Compliance with International Standards

Addressing concerns related to responsible mine deployment, the ISDM Zemledeliye system incorporates self-destruct mechanisms in every mine. This adherence to the requirements of the convention for mining underscores the commitment to minimizing the long-term impact on affected areas.

Operational usage

War in Ukraine

The operational use of the ISDM Zemledeliye in the Ukraine War was first observed in December 2022. Since then, there have been documented instances of its deployment in the conflict, with at least one system being successfully destroyed by the Ukraine Armed Forces. This advanced remote mine-laying system has added a new dimension to the ongoing conflict, showcasing the evolving nature of warfare and the challenges faced by opposing forces on the ground.


The ISDM Zemledeliye marks a significant advancement in remote mine-laying systems, empowering military operations with unparalleled capabilities. Its smart programming abilities, extensive deployment range, and integration of cutting-edge technologies make it a formidable asset on the modern battlefield. With minimal risk to friendly forces and enhanced precision in minefield creation, the ISDM Zemledeliye demonstrates its efficacy in countering enemy armored vehicles and heavy equipment. As military strategies evolve, this advanced system sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in remote mine deployment.

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Russia
Manufacturer:TULAMASHZAVOD, Russia
Introduced in service:2022

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