Leland Model 210: A shotgun from Spain known by their US importers

Union Armera Lealand Model 210 shotgun
Union Armera Lealand Model 210 shotgun (Photo: XY)

Though made in Spain, Lealand Model 210 shotgun takes its name from being imported into the United States by Leland Firearms of West Orange, NJ; it is known initially under the maker’s name in Europe.


The Union Armera has been making shotguns for many years and has a wide domestic market for all qualities of gun. The Leland Model 210 is a primary side-by-side modeled on the classic English “game gun.” It is reasonably priced, fitting about halfway in the Union Armera catalog.


The gun has an elegant appearance, using the English style of straight stock and splinter fore-end. The wood is good quality walnut, hand-checkered, and oil-finished, while the receiver and fittings are nicely scroll-engraved and color case-hardened. The side plates can be removed, and the interior of the clockwork is polished and engine-turned. The fit of metal to wood is very well done. The action is locked by a Purdey triple bolt, somewhat unusual nowadays, and there are automatic ejectors.

The standard gun is in 12-gage with 26-inch barrels having improved cylinder and modified choke; it is also possible to have the longer barrels with modified and full choke. The other gages noted are also available, and while the normal chamber length is 2.75 inches, 3-inch chambers can be specified at extra cost.

The Lealand Model 210 shotgun balances well, feels good and delivers consistent patterns. The workmanship is good, and most observers consider the gun represents value for money.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer:Union Armera, Eibar, Spain
Type:side-by-side double, hammerless
Gage:12, 16, 20 or 28
Barrels:26, 27, or 28in (660, 685, or 711mm)
Weight:6.625lbs (3kg) (28in barrels)



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