Merrill Single Shot Pistol

Merrill Single Shot Pistol
Merrill Single Shot Pistol (Photo: XY)

Merrill single shot pistols are less common today than in years gone by when ‘saloon’ and ‘parlor’ pistols firing low-power ammunition were a popular source of amusement. Today, the single shot survives for two principle purposes; specialized target shooting and hunting, and the Merill will perform either of these very well indeed.


The Merrill single shot pistol uses a stainless steel frame and standing breech, to which is hinged the barrel, fixed so that it drops down to expose the chamber for loading. As the barrel is opened, so it automatically cocks the striker, and as it is closed so an automatic safety comes into play, locking the trigger and firing pin. This safety can only be released by pressing the safety lever at the top of the left-hand grip plate with the thumb. To cater to left-handed shooters, a left-handed model is available which has the safety on the other side.

Rex-Merrill Single Shot Sportsman Model
Rex-Merrill Single Shot Sportsman Model (Photo: XY)

The barrel unit can be in carbon or stainless steel and is easily interchanged since the hinge-bolt is an Allen-type socket screw. Barrels in over a dozen calibers, from .22 RF upwards, can be obtained, and they can be in either smooth ‘bull’ contour or with ventilated ribs. Two standard lengths are used, 9 or 12 inches.

The front sight is a blade, the rear a Patridge-type notch, fully adjustable. The sight normally provided is of Micro manufacture, but other makes can be supplied to order. Trigger pull is adjustable by a set-screw at the rear of the frame.


The accuracy of the Merrill Single-Shot pistol is beyond reproach; in virtually any caliber it should be possible to make one-inch groups at 25 yards and in the larger calibers this makes an excellent hunting or silhouette-shooting weapon.

Technical specifications: Merrill single shot pistol

Manufacturer: Merrill Co., Fullerton, CA 92631, the United States of America
Type: single shot
Caliber: various
Barrel: 9 in (228 mm) or 12 in (305 mm)
Weight (empty): ca. 68 oz (1920 grams)
Capacity: one round

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  1. I have a Merrill Sportsman in my shop to fix and I can’t find a schematic to work from. Does anyone out there know where I can find a schematic or anyone that knows how to work these pistols?

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