Poland’s National Police sidearms to be renewed with Beretta APX pistols

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Beretta APX

Poland’s National Police sidearms have been set to be renewed. The semi-automatic pistol Beretta APX will be a new service pistol in Poland, the National Police Headquarters announced on October 8. Beretta won a selection of the best bid in the tender to deliver 4,666 (with an option for 1,000 more pcs) semi-automatic pistols chambered in 9×19 mm caliber. The deal is worth PLN7 million (approx. EUR 1,62 million). According to the Military Magazine, the money is already reserved by the Police for the purchase.

Beretta APX

The 9×19 mm Beretta APX is a modern striker fire pistol furnished with a polymer frame. The pistol debuted in 2015, although it was first shown in Europe in 2016. The name APX comes from Adaptable Pistol X. It went on sale in the civil market in March 2017. Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta developed this model as an offer in the American Modular Handgun System (MHS) program.

The selection in the tender had multiple offers, including those from UMO company, Fabryka Broni, Zbrojownia company, and Works 11. The proposals of three interested companies were rejected: Magnum Andrzej Ozorowski (Canik TP9SF Elite) and the companies Kaliber (Glock 17 Gen3) and Berlopak (TARA Precision TM-9 Gen2).

Poland's National Police sidearms to be renewed with new Beretta APX pistols
Poland’s National Police sidearms to be renewed with new Beretta APX pistols (Photo: XY)

The cheapest offer was from the UMO company. They have offered the Italian 9 mm Beretta APX pistol. The offer is worth PLN5.3 million/EUR1.23 million or PLN1,137/EUR263 a piece.

The total selection standings:

  • UMO company (Beretta APX) – 91 points
  • Fabryka Broni (P99AS pistol) – 85.97 points
  • Zbrojownia company (CZ P-10c) – 84.69 points
  • Works 11 – (Arex REX Delta) – 70.63 points

Poland’s National Police sidearms

Poland’s National Police has nearly 80,000 P99AS pistols at their disposal. The pistols were delivered from Fabryka Broni-Łucznik Radom. In August 2016, 1,000 guns were purchased, in May 2015 – 3,000, in June 2013 – 9,500, in April 2008 – 25,701 (the largest single purchase of service weapons by the Polish Ministry of the Interior, of which over 22,000 went to the Police).

Earlier in 2006, Poland’s Police handed over 50,000 P99AS produced in the country. It is worth recalling that in the years 2001-2004 Police ordered 25,881 pistols. The red training P99s for dry fire shooting practice were also bought (350 in 2018, 500 in 2013).

In addition, police officers have at their disposal Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 26: 7,500 ordered in 2001-2004, along with subsequent purchases, including 1,000 in 2019 and 1,713 Glock 26 in August 2008).

In August 2018 Police has ordered 965 Slovenian-made Arex REX zero1 CP semi-automatic pistols worth PLN1.46 million/EUR338,000 (or PLN1,515/EUR350 apiece). It is another step in the modernization of Poland police forces in the recent few years. They have already bought a significant amount of gear (including body armor).

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