Jeffrey Epstein posing in a Navy SEAL uniform

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A picture, reportedly 14 years old, shows convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein attending Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday. The birthday party was held at Windsor Castle in 2006, the Sun reported.

In the snap, a smirking Jeffrey Epstein is seen wearing a white US Navy Seal uniform as he poses alongside Weinstein in a tuxedo and Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell in a mask. The US Navy’s service dress white uniform is reserved for formal occasions. Adorned on the uniform was the Navy SEAL Trident, the insignia reserved for members of the elite community.

On the left side of  Jeffrey’s chest, there were present several service ribbons and medals. Some of these seemed to be actual military awards, such as the Navy Cross and the Silver Star; others appeared to be fictional.

Jeffrey Epstein was the disgraced hedge fund manager and convicted pedophile who killed himself while facing sex-trafficking charges earlier this year.

Was Jeffrey Epstein a Navy SEAL?

No, Epstein wasn’t a Navy SEAL. According to the public records available online, he didn’t serve in the Navy or Army either. His only connection to the Navy SEAL is a costume he wore for a party, as mentioned above.

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  1. I do believe you’d get your ass kicked for that! How does one have such disrespect for their own country’s elite forces, unless he was sure he’d get away with it?

  2. The smallest thing here that pisses me off, is his hand in his f••king pocket in a uniform like that! Omg I wasn’t a SEAL, but in the Navy, yes! Wish my hands were close to him!

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