A New Zealand Army soldier armed with a Benelli M3 Super 90

Benelli M3: A third model of legendary Super 90 shotgun

Benelli M3 shotgun was specially designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and counter-terrorism squads. The Benelli M3 Super 90 uses a rotating bolt locking system. It works so that the user can select

The Spectre M4 equipped with a suppressor

Spectre M4: A submachine gun with unusual features

Spectre M4 submachine gun appeared in 1983 and has several unusual features. The designer set out to develop a weapon that could be used intuitively and automatically so that the user could instantly open fire

Beretta APX

Beretta APX: A next-generation striker pistol

Beretta APX is the new striker pistol first introduced to the XM17 Modular Handgun System Competition in 2017. It was designed to replace M9 (Beretta 92), a standard-issue weapon in the U.S. military. Introduction Beretta

Tanfoglio TA 382 pistol

Tanfoglio TA 382: Titan’s successor

TA 382 pistol was introduced in the 1980’s as the successor of Tanfoglio & Sabboti Titan. Under the name Tanfoglio & Sabotti this company exported large numbers of inexpensive auto pistols to the United States

Tanfoglio TA 90 Combat Model pistol

Tanfoglio TA 90: A military-style heavy-caliber pistol

The Tanfoglio TA 90 was the shift change for the Italian company. The Tanfoglio company has manufactured pocket pistols for some years, but in the 1980s decided to market a military-style heavy-caliber pistol; like many

Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader

Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader Shotgun

The Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader shotgun is manufactured by Luigi Franchi Spa company. It is an old-established one weapons factory with a high reputation for shotguns in Europe and elsewhere. Design The Luigi Franchi