Russian Spetsnaz received a new batch of Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifles

by Eric Sof

Russia’s Special Operations Forces have received the first batch of Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifles. The new AK-12 was made under Kalashnikov Concern. The first batch included more than 700 rifles. The new rifles entered service with the Southern Military District forces stationed in the Krasnodar Territory.

In a statement, the Russian Ministry of Defence said: “Compared to its predecessors, it has increased ergonomics, increased accuracy of fire, unique survivability of the barrel, for the production of which new technology is used.”

The AK-12 assault rifle was designed and manufactured the rifle within the framework of the Ratnik program under Kalashnikov Concern. Ratnik is a future infantry combat system designed to enhance the connectivity and combat effectiveness of the Russian Army. The rifle is the successor of AK-74M and AKM. The new rifle has improved ergonomics, operational accuracy, and tube reliability compared to its previous versions.

The AK-12 assault rifle entered operational service with the Russian Armed Forces after testing at the end of last year. The ministry added that special operations personnel would soon conduct gunfire at the training ground of the Southern Military District. The AK-12 is chambered in 5.45mm caliber, and Kalashnikov Concern began delivering the rifle in December last year.

According to a report in news agency TASS, the Russian Armed Forces are expected to receive 112,500 AK-12 rifles by 2021. In July, Kalashnikov delivered 8,000 units of an assault rifle to the military units of the Central Military District.

Kalashnikov Concern is an affiliate of Kalashnikov Group, which manufactures assault automatic and sniper weapons, guided missiles, and other products.

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