Special Operations Team Room

Eric Sof

DEVGRU Special Operations Team Room

The Special Operations Team Room is a term that designates an ordinary room used by extraordinary men, as some operators like to describe it. So basically it is a room where they all hang out, sleep, get ready for ops, y’all, get debriefed. It can have many functions.

Team Room in the U.S. Special Operations Forces

The custom Team Rooms are popular among all special operations units including DEVGRU (Development Group), Delta Force (1st SFOD-D), MARSOC, Green Berets (U.S. Army Special Forces) and many others.

The design and capabilities of the room usually depend on the team and the location. But there are a few constants. There is usually an area that has “lockers” like the ones you may see in the recent movies of the special forces topic. At those lockers, boxes and ‘garages’, operators keep weapons and all types of personal equipment.

There’s also team weapons (Machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.), usually at least a few computers, probably a fairly good-sized tv that can be used for official and non-official purposes alike. And almost always at least one or two couches. In the picture down below, you may see how is the Team Room portrayed in the Hollywood-blockbuster ‘Lone Survivor’.

Team Room portrayed in the movie Lone Survivor (Photo: YouTube/Still)

Basically, all team equipment plus whatever personal gear guys don’t want to keep in their rooms… and anything that contributes to team entertainment.

With that being said, there are many different things in a team room such as,

  • hammock possibly
  • all equipment
  • guns
  • helmets, uniforms
  • special equipment
  • TV
  • desk with laptop, computer
  • often drinks

Whatever happens in the Team Room is usually kept between those who exist in that community. This practice goes back to the ethos of the Quiet Professional. I also say ‘usually’, because some people in certain SOF units have decided to negate that ethos and show the public that side of the culture.

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