SLR-95: A Bulgarian AK pattern rifle

Bulgarian SLR-95 rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm
Bulgarian SLR-95 rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm (Photo: XY)

The Bulgarian SLR-95 is a milled AK variant imported into the United States from 1994 to 1998. It is a post-ban version of the AK produced by Arsenal of Bulgaria. The rifle comes with a synthetic sporter-style stock, a five-round magazine, a cleaning kit, and a sling. Two versions of the rifle were imported, one with a muzzle brake pinned to the barrel and one without.


The gun’s finish is flat black paint and tends to chip off after use. The rifle accepts all drums and magazines and fires the 7.62×39 cartridge. The SLR-95 is an updated version of its earlier version, the SLR-93, a wooden stock. It is a very accurate rifle and is heavy due to its milled receiver. It has a chromium-plated barrel manufactured by cold radial forging, providing bigger hardness and a better structure of the material.

SLR-95 close look at receiver
A close look at the receiver (Photo: XY)

Unfortunately, the rifle was imported with a sporter style stock which is difficult to shoot and looks terrible. By eliminating the pistol grip stock, the rifle would become more suitable for sporting purposes. U.S. part kits are available if you are interested in legally changing your sporter stock to a pistol grip stock.

U.S. Market

Overall the SLR-95 is a reliable, well-made gun that every AK enthusiast should have in their collection. Unfortunately, this rifle is no longer being imported into the United States; however, its cousin, the SLR-101, is still being imported.

Bulgarian SLR-95 rifles
The rifle is available with wooden and plastic stock (Photo: XY)

As stated above, the SLR-95 is no longer being imported into the U.S. However, the SLR-101 (a restricted magazine version) is still imported. You will need to purchase an SLR-101 and enlarge the magazine to accept standard AK magazines. You will also have to buy a U.S. parts kit to remain legal, as the SLR-101 is considered an imported weapon and subject to section 922(r).

The SLR-95 has railed on the receiver allowing different kinds of sighting devices to be attached.


There are several variants of the SLR-95 rifle:

  • SLR-95MB
  • SLR-95H
  • SLR-95HMB
  • SLR-95L
  • SLR-95HL
  • SLR-95HMBL
  • SLR-96
  • SLR-96MB
  • SLR-96H
  • SLR-96HMB
  • SLR-95L
  • SLR-95HL
  • SLR-95HMBL

L – long barrel (length – 508 mm); H – availability of the Rail on the receiver; MB – availability of muzzle brake.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer:ARSENAL JSCompany, Bulgaria
Type: gas-operated, semi-auto, or selective fire
Barrel:415 mm
Weight:3.6 kg
Magazine capacity:5 rounds, 30 rounds magazines
Cyclic rate of fire:
Price:$1,425 (collection site – March, 2022)


  1. Guess I got a rare one. It’s simply stamped SLR-95. No extra letters after.
    Paid $300 and change, new, ordered thru Shotgun News, by a friendly ACE Hardware store outside Offutt AFB, NE.
    Purchased in 1997.
    Still have it, not for sale. 😁

  2. Bought one off the rack @ MaGills in SE Missouri back in 1995… Absolutely a flawless shooting rifle ..1000’s of rounds later …. never once jammed..feeds a drum like it’s nothing!! Wouldn’t take $2K for it ..


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